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My name is Peter Hansen. I'm 42 years old and I moved from a house in Oksbøl to a new apartment December 1'st 2006.

I'm moving again february 1st, because Marianne and I bought a new house i Nørregade  

I quit smoking january 12 - 2009 after been adicted 20 years with 20-25 cigarettes a day.

I work at the Army Combat School in Oksbøl and I am a sergentmajor. I've been in the army for 23 years and have a contract until I'm 60. I've been here in Oksbøl since 01 JAN 1995 and have had different jobs. Right now, I work with computers.

I was born and raised in Randers, and played soccer in Dronningborg Boldklub. After High School, I went a year as an foreign exchange student to Davis, California. That was a geat year!. When I returned to Denmark, I took a 2 year education as a technical assistant, and a short time after that, I joined the army.

I'm an elite coach in soccer and have the UEFA A-Licens. I became a soccer coach after I hurt my knee in 1989. Since then, I've "survived" 9 operations - among them, two cruciate ligament surgeries and a meniscus transplant. They took some meniscus from the other knee and put it into the knee where it was all gone. If you want to see my open knee during surgery press here.

I stopped coaching for the women's team in Varde IF, who play in Denmark's best league, in the summer of 2006 after having them for 2½ years.

In the fall 2007 I'm coaching OB's women, who also play in Denmark's best league.

In 2009 I'm going back to coaching boys. Skjern GF who plays in League 1.

I seperated from my wife of 12 years, Monica, in june 2005. She moved back to California with our two kids. Nikolaj and Shannon visit me every summer :-)

Got a new car and bike press here.